How tight muscles rob you of your energy


Computer_postureHuman beings are not tightly screwed together like machines. Rather we are a loose pile of bones that are held together by finely tuned tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.


This might at first glance seem like a flimsy construct but a closer look at the body as a whole reveals that we are not only capable of amazing flexibility and a wide range of motion in our joints but also possess great strength and endurance.

If our muscles have the right tension, we are able to move with considerable efficiency. However, if we throw this system out of balance due to over tightening some muscles and weakening others, moving becomes more of an effort and requires more energy.

So if you are in the habit of wearing your shoulders as earrings or spend too much time tightening your hip flexors through sitting, you will loose energy to those tight muscles and feel tired more quickly. How much fun is it to get up and walk after long periods of sitting?

Great remedies for overly tight muscles are intelligent training, stretching and Kinesiossage. At MYO-Arts we understand the effects of tension patters in the body and therefore we don’t just press where it hurts during our bodywork but always trace the tension patters to their origin. Yoga and The Intrinsacore Method are excellent practices to re-establish healthy muscle length and tone. The key is to practice those exercises at least 4 times a week. Once you exercise regularly you’ll love the extra energy you get!

Always remember to exercise smartly. If you only exercise the muscles that you see in the mirror and only stretch the muscles in the back, you will turn your body into the perfect question mark and you will continue to question why your body hurts.